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21st June 2024 

My core model is that of Psychosynthesis, a well-respected and recognised form of therapy. Counselling is a respectful process of listening and accompanying. My job is to guide you on your journey of personal discovery. I am here to help you listen to your own wisdom. Sometimes, like DNA, that wisdom needs decoding, but it is my belief that it is always there.

Psychosynthesis assumes a holistic model of the person and works to bring together body, mind, feelings and the various roles we play in life into harmony. Through helping us to understand our wounding and to take responsibility for our healing, Psychosynthesis offers us a way to recognise, accept and use all the different parts that make up who we are in a conscious, purposeful way. It does not underestimate the pain of crisis or failure but seeks to help us use it creatively to better understand our path in life and to realise our full potential as human beings.

I also use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) tools as part of how I work.

Whatever you're going through, my job as a counsellor is to be your guide.